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We reserve then of the time, for a visit to reserves  disposition of the Zingaro, which is it may enter is from Scopello that from S.Vito the head. The Zingaro constitutes an environment without compromise, one of the last absolutely uncontaminated angles that Sicily  can offer.






Crossing the coastal path that crosses it connecting the two accessions, discover a succession of little wet coves from a sea from the iridescent colour, that are opened in the rock to lean on the sea. to the edge of the path a palm of bushes of endless succession dwarf with the leaves from the characteristic  forms cleans and definite; on the one hand the sea from the other the tops of the form mountain from calcareous rocks back to the Mesozoic that is raised solemn on the our witness, extreme shelter of the falcons, of the kite, of the owl, of the raven, of the hoopoe and of the eagle of the Bonelli that still nests you.
The flora enumerates numerous autochthonous kind as the cork-oak, the locust, the ash from manna goes it and the inevitable dwarf palm, besides






numerous rare endemisms as the zafferanetto of Linares, the ofride of Oxirrinchos, the orchis of Branciforte.
In the park it is able visit even the ethnographic museum in which is picked up orchestrates traditional agricultural, the sea museum to whose intern it's preserved a reproduction to scale
of the room of the mortlake of a tunny-fishing nets, the naturalistic museum where they are picked up the





image of all the kind of the flora and of the fauna of the Zingaro.

Come finally to Castellammare of the gulf, last stopping place of our itinerary. it's pleasant a long walk the benches of the hand on which is shows the imposing castle, from which the little city has treated the name, that was rebuilded in Aragonese epoch, on the rest of a preexisting Saracen small fortress.