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Left Trapani salt long the hairpin bends of the provincial road, I end to heathers. Here, in shears to the mountain, the perception of the time seems lengthen, all appear outstanding payment between the present and a pass that not belong; between the roadman in grey stone of the old elima city , rebuilded by the Norman in the XII century,

Erice - Castle to Venus





discover extraordinary monuments as the church of the built matrix to the beginning of the three hundred, with itsr mighty bell tower originally used by the aragoneses to check the before sea  the Trapani city, frequently threatened, in that years, from the attack of the Angevin fleet. Arriving at the town hall of heathers will be able visit the little museum " Cordici ", where detaches above all the marvellous annunciation of Antonello Gagini, carried out sculpture in the 1525.
Long it away.  observe in succession the elegant baroque church of Peter s, placed characteristic of front the places of the center of culture scientific " Ettore Maiorana " and carried out to the beginning of the seven hundred on project of the local architect Gian Biagio Amico and the s church Julian, even eighteenth-century this, supported from a bell tower with the roof from the






curious form to peak. Continuing till the term of away arrive to the entry of the garden of the husband of the wet nurse that with its luxuriant vegetation it surrounds the castle to Venus and the towers of the husband of the wet nurse of epoch Norman.  From heathers you gets off all along the road for Valderice and from here reach the suburb of Bonagia that is develops about the hand child and to its seventeenth-century 

Gulf of Bonagia





tunny-fishing nets, today restored and turned to residential hotel and lodge.
We cross then the provincial road in Custonaci direction. Long the run detaches before to the our eye shears it mountain solo climb chest that is stretch out in the middle of the sea with its rock peak dolomitic. A come time in the country of Custonaci, center of marble-bearing production of international renown, not it may miss a visit to the beautiful church of the matrix, all decorated to its intern with esteemed extract marbles from the local quarries.

In this church it's preserved a jewel balances paint in the first half of the XVI



century and portrays the Lady with the child, particularly revered on behalf of the local population that every year the 16 of August devotes it great culminating celebrations with plays pyrotechnists.

Mountain Cofano

  From here continue on the government road toward the country of San Vito.