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The island of Pantelleria, Cossyra for the romen,  it's set in the heart of the Mediterranean to suns 70 Km from the Africa and 110 from Sicily; it has an extension of 83 Kmq, measures 13, 7 Km of length and 8 of width for a maximum height that culminates in the great mountain to 836 [mt]

arc of the elephant






above sea level, it's the scene in greatness order of all the Italian islands, the first in Sicilia.
The first submarine volcanic explosions go up again to more of 500.000 years ago, when emerged from the sea a little part of the island. Pantelleria it's form in makes sentences following: the last eruption that brought the island to it andit is actual it had 9.000 years ago.
All today are existing secondary volcanic demonstrations, the favare, the dry bath, the source of thermal water.
The animated history of the island of Pantelleria is creditable to the importance of its






geographical position and it is tightly tying by the sea. Much the populations that you are installed: at first the people of the Sesioti, then the phoenixes about to the IX [sec]. a.c., then the romen, the byzantines and in the 700 the arabs.
The Arabic domination lasted till the 1200, then they







took over the Norman and subsequently the swabians, the angevins, the aragoneses, and the Borboni. in the 1860 the island was attached to the kingdom of Italia.
Numerous are the testimonies leave from the launch peoples that all nows are been able admire on the island, the Sesi, the cisterns to bell, the Byzantine graves, the acropolis, the Norman arcs, the castle, that make Pantelleria interesting from the archaeological and cultural point of view.
Pantelleria,it's not only  the sea: volcanic phenomenona, geology, archaeology; for their in love with the nature, nothing it's misses.For its volcanic origin, saunas, sources of warm water and mud bath abound   natura to it.
The dammuso is the traditional residence of the island, remember from the conquest of



the arabs in the Middle ageses.
They are true architecture of jewel with the they roofs to time and the walls often till 2 meters.
To reach the island: in airplane from the falcones airport peak of purse Raisi and only in the summer monthes from the principals it climbs italians; in ship from Trapani  duration about 6 haurs of navigation  with possibility to embark eventually you really car.

Garden of Pantelleria


the island, celebrated for the production of the kind of muscatel wine ( typical grapes of quality ) of the famous caper for its taste and quality from the great cooks and of the muscat wine; but Pantelleria is even a tourist one hundred from the great tourist attractions creditable to its rich sea of fauna, and to the his regions from the name more varied than Arabic origin as Khamma, Gadir and

the Sesi, graves to the Neolithic


 Sibā and with rich spectacular bluffs of history and legends from the name full of influences as balata of the turkishes, jump of the old woman and from the bluff to elephant head form.