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Favignana          Levanzo          Marettimo



Come arrivarci:
to reach the islands are possible take the ferry or the hydroplane from Trapani,Marsala, S.Vito.

Cala Rossa







It was a morning of the 241 a.C., when the long sea the coasts of the Aegusa island ( today Favignana ) in the face of the island of Levanzo is dyed of the red of the blood of the massacred Carthaginian soldiers from the Romen in the terrible naval battle of the Egadi that marked the end of the first Punic war. Of then in then that coast feature, precisely that great cove that is seen before goes into the hand of the island, taking the name of red cove.
Welcome to Favignana the more great island and more tourist than the archipelago of the Egadi that understands the islands of Levanzo, Marettimo, Maraone and Formica.






From the sky the contour of the island resembles to a butterfly that stops softly on the splendid now sea <colour> blue or cobalt, hour of a shining turquoise. This It is form from two divide wide planes from a mountain call hill Catherine s (302m) in whose shears you is risen the strong of Catherine s built by Roger II the Norman in the XII [sec]. and widened and strengthened in the XVII [sec]. from the spaniards, that is it may even visit freely facing the stairway long that gate on in shears.

Beach Burrone





Landed to the hand the first thing that jumps to the look of the tourist is the building elegant Florio built in the 1876. One's own to the Florio family is tying the economy of the island from the gratifies half of the eight hundred up to the first decades of the nine hundred.
The Florio introduced in the island the workmanship and the first boxing of the fish tuna from the [favignanesi] [tonnaroti]. In fact to Favignana it was present and it  is still activates one of the more ancient tunny-fishing netses of all the Mediterranean. Every year in the May month it may watches a football match the tunny killing of the big heavy tunas even 200-300 chili, that come captured with the net, and harpooned from the fishermen.



Forwarding in the little country you will notice with facility that big I owe you a lot of money social part and working is developed long the road axle of the course that unites it two plazas of the country, places Matrix and places Europa. In places Matrix finds the attractive homonym church.
Gone out by the country, visit that of more beautiful and spectacular it may offer the island:the his fantastic coasts with all matters it from the clear


sea and preserved by the pollution, the innumerable quarries tuff sandy " that  from the Middle ageses it has represented the greatest economic resource of the island " and its characterized hinterland by the rustic and characteristic built a dry wall that separate the launch field and they encircle the tack of the typical country houses.
A few out of from the country northwards arrive in the peak zone S.Nicola where are been able visit it touched caves that contain to their intern sign of graffiti prehistoric or incisions of the Punic period or the rest of ancient Punic and Christian graves.
Following the coast toward east will come first to climb horse and following the spectacular red cove. Overcoming peak of S.Vituzzo, we will come then in an other rich place of charms: the shore of the dugong. It understands all the shore that is overlooks to east, toward the coasts of the fine [trapanese] to arrive to peak gives a wine the taste of Marsala that parts from the sandy <colour> blue cove. Continuing our turn about the island will arrive in the zone of the Calamonaci and later on till long peak. So we will see the islets of foreseed and galley, we will cross all the zone of the stornello and we will arrive first to descend rounds and so to lowers great, we will surpass the lighthouse of thin peak, we will spend from the wells and we will come finally at the end of our long run the shores reaching an imposing tall stack 34m about that gets off to lean on the sea.
During this tour is advisable protect even of an equipment from sub to can admire the life of rich backdrop and of naval wreckages.

  LEVANZO                    Returns on  

Embarking from drills or from Favignana on the hydroplane is come in the little island of Levanzo. Landed in the very small port of the island not is able miss a visit to the cave of the Genoese, placed in the west part of the island. In what probably was, in immemorial times, a sanctuary of the primitive man, are able admire


numerous graffiti and rocky paintings [risalenti] to the Stone Age and to the Neolithic ( 10000-7000 A.C.), represent idols to bottle, stylized and animal mens launches.
The island disposes of little pathes then it is advisable agree with the fishermen of the place the lease of a little boat to do the turn of the island.

  MARETTIMO                  Returns on  

Marettimo is a heaven still of the all uncontaminated, ideal for anyone looks for peace, relaxation and a contact with a wild nature, but even for anyone loves the sea and the underwater immersions.
The island, that was called Hiera, isolates swears, from the greeks and from the romen, it is between

  the Egadi islands, it more far from the Sicilian coast.

This  is constituted from lashings of tall dolomitic rock 686 meters, with the sides that are sprouted to flatter on the sea. The historical attractive principal is represented by the peak castle Troy, built from the spaniards in the XVII century and used as jail during the Bourbon period.

Impedibile is the turn of the island in boat, to the discovery of the numerous and spectacular caves that rise to water  coastwise. For this excursion be necessary hires a boat from one of the many local fishermen that especially in the summer period, they crowd the little port of the small city of Marettimo. Gone out by the hand, coast along the island in north direction, toward Troy peak. We will find before all the cave of the camel, with the time characteristic punctured by which penetrate wipe away solar ray that illuminate the underlying waters confering the a suggestive network of reflected changing. Subsequently you will reach Manione cove and later on, a dubbed time libeccio peak, lowers Blanche, whose waters of a pure turquoise will induce certainly to a standstill and to a swim. From here in then, till the conclusion of the circumnavigation of Marettimo, it's all a follow of mortises and of sea caves, between which mention the cave of the bombard, so call because the waves that come and they knock against the his walls when the sea is shake, they produce a characteristic similar noise to an explosion. Remember even the cave of the manger, Perciata cave and the cave of the thunder.

Finally for  hep to the [trekking] it recommends a long excursion one of the pathes that crossing the thick pinewoods that covers falcon mountain, climbs till its cima.during the crossing is possible even you does visit to the rest of the Roman villa. Here, above all in spring, it's possible find numerous rare kind of the Mediterranean flora and observe launches rapacious bird between which the eagle of the Bonelli and the peregrin.


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